II Chronicles Chapter 7 teaches us that the steps to Revival begin when the people of God are fully aware of the crisis that their sin has wrought. The restoration of God’s favor first required a genuine humility that moved them to acknowledge their share of the blame for the afflictions that engulfed them individually and collectively.

It would have been easy for Nehemiah the cup-bearer to blame the Invaders for the destruction and desolation of his country and people, but the personal and ancestral confession that prefaced his prayer reveals that he knew where a great deal of the blame should be placed. It is the same with the prophet Daniel. 

Our nation is in deep crisis. We have seen the cultural divide between Bible-based principles and morality and the narcissism and wickedness of the world become more sharply defined and deepened. This has resulted in the people of our nation no longer being united in a common love for country, but the immoral viewing the moral as enemies.

This crisis is not because we have become more spiritual but because of our failure to love God the way we should. We are adept at defending our Biblical position concerning abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism. We have used Biblical principles to oppose gun control, illegal immigration, and socialism. But, do we love God the way we should?

Jesus said, “these ye ought to have done and not to leave the other undone.” As we continue to vigorously defend righteousness and oppose ungodliness, we must at the same time demonstrate genuine love for God and for others. May we come to realize that we may have the right doctrine and we may do the right things – yet still fail to love God.

Loving God is proven through a willingness to sacrifice to do what pleases God. In other words – putting what is best for God above what I think what is best for me. Likewise, loving others is an act of obedience to God by putting what is best for others above what I think is best for me. If we truly love God, we will also love others.

 I believe the most perfect way to show God that I love Him and that I therefore love others is found in the Great Commission. Because God wants people to be saved, telling others the Good News of the Gospel (with a credible love for God proven by good works toward men) is the most supreme manner in which I show a love for God and man.

I do not necessarily believe that the hatred against us will cease or be abated through Revival. I do believe that Revival may bring our nation back from the precipice of Self-destruction. What are doing to bring Christ-haters to the One that died for them? If you are not doing enough, are you humble enough to admit you are part of the problem?  How badly do you want Revival?


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